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Our label is registered with PPL, and we have a publishing arm and a well equipped studio in Hornsey, North London.

Our main signed artist is Vanessa Haynes (

Vanessa Haynes Stay with Me

Our first release was STAY WITH ME - Vanessa Haynes Debut CD

Being one of the new breed of DIY independents (and not having the corporate marketing machines of the majors) we are circulating our release out to dedicated DJs and enthusiast in the UK R&B/soul scene, and already several DJs are sticking it on their shows, and giving us glowing feedback. MORE

ON-LINE PURCHASE of Vanessa Haynes CD "Stay With Me" Click Here

Paul Carmichael is releasing 2 new CDs with his own Band. 2011

Wax is meltingWax is Melting

9 new Tracks

In the distanceIn the Distance

A Retrospective release of Live and old studio tracks

As a production service we also work with other artists who have a development deal budget. We can either work for fee, or co-write, or co-production. CONTACT US

Arrangement projects have included strings, brass, vocal and rhythm sections.

We have also done music for a short film.

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