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Welcome to Change of Weather Records and Productions

-- Music is our passion - we play, record, produce, compose.

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We started in 2005 with the goal of creating great recordings that are Produced by Paul Carmichael, focusing on Live session musicians, and great music. We are into all types of music.

FACBOOK PAGES have news and current Samples of recent tracks, from Paul Carmichael group, and clients

We signed our first artist Vanessa Haynes. Our first release was STAY WITH ME - Vanessa Haynes Debut CD
ON-LINE PURCHASE of Vanessa Haynes CD "Stay With Me" Click Here

We have a recording studio in north London which is used to produce our artists and is available to outside clients.

We run live bands, of which the most successful is XTATIC. Go to the LIVE MUSIC header.

Vanessa Haynes Artist

Paul Carmichael has been a professional bass player for 30 years, bandleader for 20 years, and composer all of that time. Click here for more.

We have a large PA system availble for hire. Click Here

We have a comprehensive range of additional services - if its music, we do it.


PAul Carmichael - Producer, Bass Player, Director

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