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• Touring information for Vanessa Haynes MORE

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• Check out private party events and club nights for Xtatic Visit our website.

Live Music is a HUGE feature of what we do. We have 3 bands, PA Hire, and Paul is always out playing bass and double bass.

Part of our facility is a large PA system, (up to 10KW Front of house) with engineers, and crew. This is primarily used for our bands, but it also is available for hire. Click here for more information.

Xtatic is one of London's very best bands for private parties. From and intimate 6 piece to a kicking 12 piece band with full horn section and vocal group, it can play anything, anywhere. Visit our website.

The Vanessa Haynes Band is regularly working in London doing clubs and promotional tours, See Vanessa's website

Flight is the Jazz ensemble band run by Paul Carmichael featuring his own compositions. Click Here


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